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2007-08-24 20:40:47 by 9-point-1-news


I don't really know why I'm writing this as I'm sure no-one is a big enough fan of mine to acctually check my profile. On the odd chance that you are here however here's the news.

I've just finished Angel vs Daemon and am now working on a trailer for a flash series I may or may not create (depending on the response).
Unfortunately i don't know what I'll call it yet so I'll post it when I do...

...That's it really. My life is so boring



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2008-05-23 17:46:51

i hate pie


2009-02-20 17:49:57

ok perhaps i was a bit harsh and stupid in the comment i left a bizzillion fukkin years ago and i'm replyin to it now, basically the animation itself was rather crappy, the "humor" wasnt at all funny, try making the animation a bit better, adding some voices and then doing some more action packed fighting scenes rather than what appears to be a 3rd grade puppet show.